Curcumin is derived from the dried root of the Curcuma Longa rhizome. The product obtained by solvent extraction of turmeric, i.e. This procedure, following distillation of the solvent, gives an oleoresin with a colouring matter concentration of 25-35 percent, as well as volatile oils and other resinous extractives.
The crystallization of oleoresin recovers and purifies curcumin. Oils and resins found naturally in turmeric may be present in trace levels. When the oleoresin is treated with a suitable solvent to get Curcumin, residual solvents may remain in the product even after adequate drying because they were trapped inside the crystal lattice of the curcuminoid crystal powder. Several rules mandate the presence of residual solvents in the finished product.

It is regarded as one of the most significant impurities,  no product is available without residual solvents. Heavy metals, particularly lead are a substantial contaminant in the product. Metals may be accumulated in plant-derived (botanical) extracts such as turmeric extract (Curcumin) from the soil where they are cultivated or from other environmental sources such as air or water. The remaining insecticides are difficult to remove with the normal method. Long term use of conventional majority curcumin products containing residual solvents, toxic metals, and pesticide residues may pose health risks. In this period of changing food safety regulatory landscape, the nutraceutical industry should change as well and be aggressive with its self-regulation policies in order to jointly solve some of its major issues, such as heavy metal impurities and residual solvents. This adds accountability for guaranteeing the safety of the product and for ensuring consumer protection and branding for all ingredients makers.

Such a pure Curcumin product is required in today’s regulatory climate and is suitable for usage in nutritional supplements, food, beverage, cosmetic, and other applications.
To address such concerns, which may pose health risks, Alps Nutra Tech created CUR03+, which uses a unique technique to help remove solvents and pesticides, resulting in a clean product that ensures the quality and quality of the ingredient and boosts the confidence of end-users and customers.