What is Cur03+ ?

Cur03+ is a specialised turmeric extract ( Curcumin 95% ) which is processed in a highly sterile environment to remove residual contaminants like residual solvents, harmful heavy metals and toxic pesticides.

What are the applications of Cur03+ ?

Cur03+ is composed of zero contaminant which makes it a favourable adjunct in functional foods, natural colours, beverages, health supplement and as an anti-oxidant.

Is Cur03+ free of heavy metals ?

Cur03+ is free of harmful heavy metals.

What is the shelf life of Cur03+ ?

Cur03+ has a shelf life of two years from the date of manufacture.

Is Cur03+ free of pesticides ?

Cur03+ is free of pesticides.

Is Cur03+ made from GMO material ?

Cur03+ is not made from GMO material. It is extracted from the material grown sustainably.

What is the advantage of Cur03+ over other brands ?

Cur03+ is completely devoid of residual solvents, it increases the efficacy of the active compound by removing the solvents which may consist of toxic effects.